Summer season is here, and that means a lot more noise. And for some dogs, that can be very stressful. From loud motorcycles to the never ending 4th of July fireworks, it can be a season full of anxiety for many dogs (cats too).  I have a  new dog and have been watching her to see how she reacts to noise, trying to gage how she’ll deal with fireworks etc. So far, nothing seems to bother her too much… but I’m keeping a close eye on her. My other dog is deaf, so thankfully, he’s oblivious. 

What to do if you have a dog that reacts to loud noises and fireworks? I found this chart and it is a great idea on how to help your dogs find a safe place to relax. Start now, and by the 4th…. you may have a less stressed dog. 


Article Written by Diane Hansell, Re-Published with permission by Pet Pantry in Harbor Springs