It’s almost Thanksgiving, a weekend full of food and family. But what about the dogs? There are a number of traditional foods that are fine for your dogs…. and some that are not.  My dogs love turkey. I made a test turkey last week and they have enjoyed having turkey on their food for days. They also love sweet potatoes, green veggies, pumpkin and apples.  And I’m sure they’d love mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing too, but they are on the no-no list. Too much fat or salt. The foods on the yes list, serve them in their natural state without salt and they can be very healthy.  

I cook for my dogs frequently, so adding a plain sweet potato to to oven is easy. Raw green beans (before the casserole) and asparagus make great healthy treats. And turkey without the skin is a delicious topper for their food.  

Do they get a seat at the table? That is entirely up to you.  

Happy Thanksgiving!